These dreamcatchers are approximately 7.5cm in diameter and 25cm in height.  They can be made with many different colours, beads, pendant charms, feathers or handmade wool feathers.  Comes with an explanation of the history of the dreamcatcher.

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History of the Dreamcatcher:

Dreamcatchers are of Native American origin.

  • It is believed that dreams travel freely in the night air, all kinds of dreams, good and bad.

  • The dreamcatcher’s purpose is to trap the ‘bad dreams’ and allow the ‘good dreams’ or ‘special dreams’ to find their way to the sleeper. 

  • Bad dreams become trapped in the dreamcatcher’s web, good dreams travel through a room freely. However, good or special dreams may need help finding the dreamer.

  • The feathers serve as a pathway that lead the good dreams to the dreamer beneath the dreamcatcher.

  • The light of day cleanses a dreamcatcher of the bad dreams or negative energies trapped within it.